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Goju Man
6th October 2002, 01:31
Well we had a great turn out to the Lord of the Ring tournament last night. There was a little bit for everyone there. We had team karate fighting, a championship point contact karate match, and several kickboxing and submission grappling events. Our thanks go out to everyone who competed. One match of interest was a Goju karate fighter from Miami, with many tournament championship wins on his resume, took on a kickboxing match on a weeks notice. Allthough he lost due to conditioning, he held his own quite well. He showed guts and courage to step into the ring on one weeks notice. Given ample training time, I beleive he will be successful next time. The matches involved leg kicks but no knee or elbow strikes. The event was co promoted by one of our own, Hector Gomez. Many notables such as Jack Williams(one of south Floridas' oldest Judo instructors), Pedro Valente(one of only twenty three bb under Helio Gracie), Tony Palimore(three time world kickboxing champion),Diobelys Hurtado(current wba jr. welterweight champ),Erik "El Tigre" Castano (wko jr. welterweight kickboxing champion), Miguel Arraoz ( Fla. state kickboxing champ ).

Other notables present were several members of the SFA, with one exeption, due to the fact he was at a local war zone called a night club keeping order in the house. We missed you Mike (madd dog) Mitchell. I hope to see some of our e-budo members at the next one, tba.

Bustillo, A.
7th October 2002, 11:49
Good event. It was well organized and no down time bewtween fights. Special credit to Fundora's student for going in there on short notice and putting himself to the test at kickboxing.

hector gomez
7th October 2002, 15:29
I was very pleased with the turn out friday night,I am convinced Miami
loves all the different arts karate,kickboxing,jiujitsu and the beautiful ladies ofcourse.

We had a total of 14 fights with 6 titles on the line,we are working on getting our next show set for feburary.I hope everyone liked the show as we are always trying to improve on the small details.

In DA house was current WBA jr.welterweight boxing champion Diobelys hurtado,2 time world kickboxing champion Eric"el tigre" castano,former P.K.A HEAVYWEIGHT champion tony palmore,Miami favorite native judo man Jack williams,along with almost all the jiujitsu,kickboxing clubs in south fla.

Hector Gomez

PS.Thanks again for the support.