View Full Version : Pimsleur Japanese language program CDs?

David T Anderson
6th October 2002, 18:23
I picked up a set of these CDs at a yard sale yesterday for a few bucks...the kid running the sale didn't know anything about them.

Are they any good? Anybody used them at all? I know there's not really any substitute for live teaching, but I thought they might be worth a listen at least...

7th October 2002, 01:59
I haven't used the Pimsleur Japanese CDs, but I'm currently using the Pimsleur Brasilian Portuguese CDs as a part of a self-study program to try to learn Brasilian Portuguese. And I think they can be a good part of an overall program - but only as a supplement to actual written material. Especially in the case of Japanese. Otherwise, you might be able to say some things, but you won't be able to read... And also, you might mis-hear something on the CDs, and unless you use some written material as well, you might not catch the mistake.

So in a word, they're good, but don't rely on them exculsively. And Pimsleur CDs can be very expensive (In the $100 - $200+ range), so it sounds like you got yourself a very excellent deal. :)

7th October 2002, 04:31
I had great results from the Pimsleur tapes when I used them in combination with other textbooks. The first time I went to Japan the only study of the langauge I had done was self-study and I found the stuff I learned in the Pimsleur tapes was the stuff I ended up using most comfortably and most flexiably. That said, I also did alot of work from textbooks and used the Pimsleur stuff mainly for some spoken memorization and pronunciation practice. Of course different people learn differently so they won't be for everyone, but I used them with good results until I started actually classes in Japan.

best regards,

Rennis Buchner