View Full Version : Glutinous rice for mochi cakes

6th October 2002, 20:36
Is there a way to make rice glutinous or do I have to order it online?
I cant find any places around me that sell it and I really want to make mochi cakes.

7th October 2002, 00:04
Use pudding/dessert rice. Not the long grain variety

A third of a cup of rice to one cup of water and boil until its sticky and the water is absorbed.

:smash: Now all you need is a wooden mallet or something else to pummel the life out of it until it resembles a pack of wallpaper paste with a spoon of hot water added. :smash:

If you cant eat it you could always use it to fill in cracks in the wall.

Hyakutake Colin

8th October 2002, 00:22
That sounds like a tasty idea!:)

18th October 2002, 16:52

they can nibble on the wall board, but make sure that the other side of the wall is not what the Brit's call the Water Closet....


L Fitzgerald

:nw: :nw: