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Joseph Svinth
18th August 2000, 20:07
If you want to learn to make tofu with shiratama dango, miso with sesame seed or plum sauce, or simply prepare sashimi attractively, try the California Sushi Academy in Venice, CA. http://www.sushi-academy.com

19th August 2000, 14:44
Thanks for that link, it looks like a cool place and I particularly liked the philosophy of education. Unfortunately I'm based on the other side of the Atlantic so I wonder if anyone would know of a similar school in England?

19th August 2000, 15:16
Alacoque, Welcome to E-budo:wave:

A little business and that I will let the experts have at your question. It is policy to sign your full name to your posts. The easiest way is to configure your signature in the sig. box. Then forget it:)

Well, I am almost as far as Joe, but if you are ever in New York, go upstate to Yonkers. The best in Japanese cuisine can be found there, even better than Japan!

Joseph Svinth
19th August 2000, 22:49
The California School of Sushi only opened in 1998, so I would be surprised if there is a school in London yet. But you could always e-mail the guys in California and ask.

I'm afraid to ask the bruddahs in Hawai'i, though, as they eat Spam sushi there. Seriously.

20th August 2000, 13:06
Thanks, I'll try emailing them. Last year, bored, in the christmas holidays,I made 'norimaki' with leftover turkey and ham and it was surprisingly good. Kind of Irish-Japanese fusion food. But my technique leaves a lot to be desired hence the interest in the academy.
Alacoque Meeehan

Joseph Svinth
20th August 2000, 22:43
For information about making and serving Japanese food, try


Also check with church groups: out here, the aunties are notorious for bringing baked beans and sashimi to the picnic.

Joseph Svinth
20th August 2000, 22:51
A couple more online resources.



And my favorite -- Spam haiku. A sample: Grotesque pinkish mass/In a blue can on a shelf/Quivering alone. The URL is http://www.thenewalchemist.com/Personal/Projects/Zanies/spam.html :)

22nd August 2000, 11:04
Excellent links, thank you. I never imagined so much could be written on the subject of spam.