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Jody Holeton
8th October 2002, 01:42
Dear all,

Japan is famous for its low crime rate and for being safe.

I have seen alot of NUMBERS but I have also seen other wierd things in Japan:

Police NOT arresting speed tribe members.
Criminals not being caught.
Illegal operations operating at full swing in full daylight (gambling places, soap lands etc.).

Etc. Etc.

Am I just seeing things or is this just another case of Japanese tatemae?

8th October 2002, 01:49
Originally posted by Jody Holeton
Am I just seeing things or is this just another case of Japanese tatemae?
Got it in one, Jody. If the police ignore the crime, it doesn't exist.

8th October 2002, 04:23
Everyone knows only foreigners commit crimes in Japan. Jeesh.

Steven Malanosk
8th October 2002, 04:47
I have not been to Japan since 1982, but I lived there, for 3 yrs. Mostly Okinawa.

I must say, that although they where a little anal at times, you have to give them credit.

They kept drugs and violence to a minimum, having to deal with packs of us wild young Marines and their local James Dean wannabe youth. It was however obvious that Yakuza operated establishments ie, skivvy houses and gambling establishments flourished, the non victimless crimes where squelched quite well. They carried no firearms, but many a Jarhead felt the business end of a police issue Jo "riot stick," or the then popular telescopic sai like baton, not to mention various KaraTe kata bunkai or TaiJutsu waza.

Like the clown car in the circus, with a never ending stream of JPs "Japanese Police," emerging, they where always appearing out of nowhere. This was due to little non descript precincts strategically located all over the rock.

I personally have a love in my heart for them, as because of my having to report to Naha City Police HQ for questioning, "I was innocent:rolleyes:," I happened upon the BuTokuDen and Miyagi Chojun's bust. Believe it or not, I was sitting on the steps, eating yakisoba, when I noticed the familiar looking face on the statue behind me.:eek: Incidentally they relocated the bust to the JunDoKan Dojo since then. Yes, that little experience was worth the ajida caused by having to be questioned by Sgt Takara and his interpreter. Funny, Sgt. Takara became fluent in English on the last day of questioning.:rolleyes:
Have things changed that much?

9th October 2002, 00:25
Drugs in Japan have gotten more prevalent as well as violent crime.
When I first indented my magnificent foot print on Japanese soil in 1988 I saw/heard of very little crime on the news or in the paper. It seemed back then if someone in Hokkaido had a fender bender it was national news!
Since then I see news reports of murders, rapes, stabbings, drug problems and teenage prostitution almost daily.

I have a lot of respect for Okinawan Policeman since they have to deal with us nasty gaijin a lot more than other places. Yokohama cops are famous for their arrogant attitudes and corruptness........I don't care for them at all.

Kimpatsu is right.
If they don't do anything about the crime then it never existed. Low crime stats. mean the Cops are "enforcing" the peace. Kind of like in the US where a high number of speeding tickets means the Cops are enforcing the speed limit.
However, lately in Japan the crimes have become too violent to brush under the rug and the Police force is actually having to work for a living now.

Steven Malanosk
9th October 2002, 02:05
Hmmmmmmm, sounds like the East is becoming like the Wild Wild West.


They should have never taken off the top knot.:p

Q: Where is Sonny Chiba when you need him?

A: At the Soba shop.

9th October 2002, 02:26
Japan had it too good for too long economically.....and when the economy is good violent crime goes down, when it's bad it goes up.
We can see that in our own country.

Sorry to say but Japan will have to face reality like the rest of the world.

As for Sonny Chiba:

His new movie is called "Kill Bill"

Theatrical Release Date:
2003 (Limited)

Uma Thurman, Warren Beatty, Lucy Alexis Liu, Daryl Hannah, Sonny Chiba

Quentin Tarantino

Steven Malanosk
9th October 2002, 03:16

I remember watching Sonny Chiba on TV every day in Okinawa. I could not understand the story or dialog, but it appeared to me, that he was playing some sort of pre Meiji police officer.

Kind of a Samurai Kojack.

He's come a long way since his Street Fighter got an X rating for violence in the 70s.

Kyokushinkai,Shoriji Kempo, and obviously some Iai or KenJutsu training too. Ya gotta love him.

9th October 2002, 03:40
Originally posted by Steven Malanosk

Kyokushinkai,Shoriji Kempo, and obviously some Iai or KenJutsu training too. Ya gotta love him.

I saw an interview with him several years ago when he was making his come back and I think he said after studing all that he has founded his own style now.....can't remember the name though.

Steven Malanosk
9th October 2002, 04:00
Chiba Ha ShorinJiKyokuKemPoKai Ryu?