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12th October 2002, 13:54
Breakfst is the most important meal of the day, so what do you have? Any particular reason?

David T Anderson
12th October 2002, 21:29
Brekkie #1: Peanut butter sandwich made with a seed wholewheat kaiser and banana. Big glass of milk; small glass of OJ.

Brekkie #2: 3/4 cup of Kellog's bran flakes, can of unsweetened fruit salad, 1/2 cup of Muselix or generic granola, some raisins and about a cup of milk over all. Small glass of OJ.

Yes, I like a substantial breakfast and lunch. I don't like much for supper...sometimes just fruit, a bowl of popcorn or a bowl of cereal suffices... If my day's protein intake has been low, maybe a small [3-5 oz steak] or a chicken breast.

17th October 2002, 05:58
A very large cup of coffee. I just have no appetite first thing in the morning.

17th October 2002, 06:01
Teri-Chicken, Fish or Tuna-Mayo Sandwich
Lemon Tea

19th October 2002, 16:27
Hi all.
Normally I have cereal that I mix up..All Bran w/ Alpen w/mini shredded wheat and dried fruit. Always with skimmed milk and a cup of strong coffee usually..(Think 'Rocket fuel'...A particularly obnoxious variety of coffee that gives me enough caffeine buzz to get safely to college in the mornings)....I like to have a larger breakfast and eat less lunch really...Although porridge is perfect in winter...Anything mixed with dried Papaya, pineapple, currants, raisins, and coconut...With milk........And oats is good food IMHO.

22nd October 2002, 08:47
My breakfast usually contains a glass of juice, one multivitamin-pill and 500g curd (curd has 5,6-7g of protein/100g and tastes good +practically no fat!). An option to curd is a protein drink.

József Pap

27th October 2002, 13:26
Depends on how long its been since I've been shopping, lol. If I have been shopping recently, mainly fruits and high fiber cereal. If I'm going running on that day, just fruits, at least until after the run. If it's going to be a long time between breakfast and lunch, I take a protein shake. That and a multi-vitamin/mineral complex which has been tested, (put your pills in a glass of vinegar and see if they completely dissolve in 30 minutes. If they don't, you are wasting your money, anything that takes longer than that to dissolve won't get into your bloodstream). I also like eating those nature bars that are a mixture of fruits and oats. They just never make them big enough, this is a manly appetite here, I should be able to get at least five bites off! Occasionally protein bars if the need be.

4th November 2002, 18:34
Maybe coffee or tea, usually nothing solid unless it's one of those rare instances that I go out to breakfast with someone.

It's "The Warrior Diet" for me!

Steve Williams
4th November 2002, 22:15
Brekkie 1: If I go to the gym before work (usually 3 or 4 days a week) then a protein/meal replacement drink.

Brekkie 2: At the weekend/non work or gym days cerial and/or toast.

Brekkie 3: Work days that I don't go to the gym, just coffee.

7th November 2002, 23:42
I usually have a protein shake after my AM weight workout. I'm too lazy in the morning. But sometimes I will have a bowl of dry cereal like Raisin Bran.

I usually follow up with a Power Bar before lunch and then I start with a more intelligent solid meals...

Jody Holeton
8th November 2002, 00:20
Banana, bowl of rice with 1 can of tuna.

Large cup of coffee.

Nothing but water before my runs.

I would kill for Quaker Instant Oatmeal overhere!