View Full Version : Gi Recommendations?

John Cole
14th October 2002, 05:00

I'm hoping that I might be able to get a few recommendations on a new gi.

Here's what I am specifically looking for:

1) White or unbleached (prefer unbleached)
2) No markings/logos/etc. whatsoever on the outside of the jacket or pants
3) Lightweight but made to last
4) Size 5 jacket and size 4 pants (pants and jacket must match in color, white or unbleached
5) Cost does not exceed $70 before shipping

Any ideas?


14th October 2002, 16:23
Ki brand meets most ifnot all of your requirements.

ki (http://www.ki-international.com/)

14th October 2002, 17:00
Also, try this site, http://www.kinjisan.com

John Cole
15th October 2002, 02:28
Thanks for the info...

I spoke with Kinji San today, but they do not mix sizes... I'm waiting to hear back from Ki and see what they say.