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14th October 2002, 16:42
i read about a school dedicated to shorinji kenpo in japan
called zenrin gakuen.
i wonder where is situated this school and what is the curiculum there
dedicated school means full time study, so i guess they must study zen
anyone have been there?

David Dunn
14th October 2002, 17:06
"Zenrin Gakuen Nihon Shorinji Budo Senmon Gakko (Busen Academy)" headed by Yamasaki Sensei, in hombu, Tadotsu. Many Shorinji Kenshi have been there.

Robert Liljeblad
14th October 2002, 20:24

Maybe our Moderator can upload some information about Busen from e-budo threads before the crash. I believe it is saved on his hard driveÖ

Or that anyone more knowledgeable than me can explain about busen, busen becka, yoka, honka, kohtoka and kenkyuka.


colin linz
16th October 2002, 09:07

There was a High School in Kyoto that specialised in Shorinji Kempo I visited it in 1989. They had a reputation for taking in kids that where not achieving at normal schools and getting good results. I have their Manji and a book they brought out on physical education somewhere but canít find them at the moment. Iíll look and post their name if I find it.

21st October 2002, 01:56
There are actually two such "Shorinji" high schools in Kyoto. One is Shoei High School in Uji Town, and the other I think is called is Minami Kyoto High School in Seika Town. In both schools all students train in Shorinji Kempo as a mandatory school subject.

Mike Johnson