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15th October 2002, 01:46
Have any of you guys ever trained, in this martial art,
before training in taijutsu.

15th October 2002, 02:08
After reading about hwarangdo on this site, It
doesn't look like something, I want to know more about.

Steven Malanosk
15th October 2002, 02:33
Here we go again,


I am not a HWD man, but have trained with one of its deceased and notorious exponents in the 70s, but never actually was part of the system. Let me share somthing with ya.

The history is common Korean twisted myth.

It is HapKiDo with some Chinese technology intertwined.

Real HapKiDo is good. I am not speaking of the TKD school that adds some and claims all, hell, real old style TKD is good also!

The Lee bros. and their heavies are very good, and if you look past the male bovine excretion, that is the trumped up history, you have a sound combative and holistic system.

Unfortunately commercialism and ethnic prejudice causes many otherwise great systems to cause themselves to get a bad rap.

Beware of solely negative sides, that are often the only thing newer folks get to see on the net, just as the propensity for lies on the net, that cause newer folks to be sucked in.

With all of the never before available knowledge the net provides, it also often leads to one sided opinion.

I have been active in the arts since 65. In that ammnt. of time, even an idiot develops some insight, so once again, let me say, that real noncommercial HWD is technique wise, very good. Just don't believe the historic hype.