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15th October 2002, 14:35
There was a weed whacker thread in the mens room that was quashed, dunno what was in it tho, either way i found this and thought it was kewl...

Garfield (http://garfield.ucomics.com/garfield/gaview.cfm?uc_full_date=20021009&uc_daction=X)


Shitoryu Dude
15th October 2002, 15:35
Cute, but not quite what I started on my thread.

If you check out the thread on women with nasty armpit hair you can see where the discussion degenerated into discussing if women need to shave their crotch as well. Cady seemed to think that it made women look like little girls and men who liked that look were pedophiles. The guys, on the other hand know what looks best for a women, and stated their preference for smooth skin.

I found a bunch of pics of women with rather nasty, overgrown bush and challenged everybody to find the hairiest women out there.


15th October 2002, 15:46
That's really more than I wanted to know.

Barb Bloom

Mike Williams
15th October 2002, 15:54

If we expect the gals to keep it pruned, ahouldn't we do the same?


I agree! Yeeeeeuuuuuuuuchhhh!