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18th October 2002, 10:26
I talked with my friends about my most recent problem considering martial arts. We, as most of you, train bare feet and once in a while me, and for my surprise, and my friends get small wounds on toes. If someones has a clue why this happens, you could enlighten me.

It is not a big pronlem, usually I just ignore them, but it is bit annoying. Wounds are really small (2-3mm), but they hurt when you do kicks.

József Pap

Steve Williams
23rd March 2003, 00:04
Ok, didn't see this thread before.

Where are the cuts, and are they "gaping" or more like "grazes"?

If you are still interested then let us know.

24th March 2003, 01:55
I think I know what this is. Are the cuts under the toes, at the point where the toes connect to the foot? They look as if someone took a knife and stabbed the underside of each toe? If so, this is caused by a fungus similar to athlete's foot. You need to get some Mycota cream or similar from the chemist, or visit the doctor for some really strong medicine. It also means that the floor on which you train is dirty, and needs to be cleaned.

30th March 2003, 08:02
Did József actually read the answers to this thread?

13th April 2003, 19:04
Thanks Tony. I didn't expect answers to this anymore.

You described it quite well. I was a bit worried that there would be more serious problem. Now I'll just have to find an easy way to get over 10 year old tatami clean..

I think that, it could be THE Mission impossible.

József Pap