View Full Version : Bristol University: Kenneth Byrne, Anyone know him?

Tripitaka of AA
19th October 2002, 07:00
Who is it that trains at Bristol Uni, was it David Dunn?

Did you ever come across a chap named Kenneth Byrne? I believe he was doing postgraduate work at the Medieval History department within the last couple of years, working for a doctorate.

The relevance to Shorinji Kempo? He was the friend that first talked me into coming to a class. I know he really enjoyed Kempo, but had to stop when the time came to go to Uni (which was Manchester). That was all a long, long time ago (1983 :eek: ) but I wonder if he found his way back into the Dojo when he was at Bristol.

19th October 2002, 17:35
Hi David,

Yes, Dave Dunn does indeed now train at Bristol Uni (but only recently). I have been there for four years now and I dont remember a Kenneth Byrne. Sorry.


Tripitaka of AA
19th October 2002, 23:57
Ah well... twas worth a try!

Thanks Jonboy :)

David Dunn
21st October 2002, 10:02
name doesn't ring a bell. I've only been in Bristol a few weeks. I was in London before that.

Tripitaka of AA
21st October 2002, 13:59
Thanks anyway David.:)