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22nd October 2002, 12:14
Hi all,

How many of you know Brinley Morgan 14 dan. Bujinkan ?
I have seen one of hes seminars in Denmark, but I cant really find anything about him on the web (in english).
Does anyone know why there is not more info. about him ?
I mean he is one of Soke Hatsumi most trusted student, according to hes own students ;0), and a 14 dan. within the Bujinkan system....



Jeff O
22nd October 2002, 12:44
Hello Jan,

What is it you would like to know about Shihan Morgan? Mr. Morgan is very well respected in the Bujinkan, and has trained for many years.

You, on the other hand, we do not know. Who is your teacher? - most Bujinkan Shidoshi are familiar with Shihan Morgan. Why do you not have your full name shown after 27 posts? Your website URL does not work. Hmm......

John Lindsey
22nd October 2002, 12:54
Because his full name is in his username: janjensen

Jeff O
22nd October 2002, 14:05
Okay John, very helpful post.

Jan, I would highly recommend speaking to your Bujinkan instructor about Shihan Morgan. If you don't have one, visit www.winjutsu.com and find a school near you. Most students of the Bujinkan who have trained in Japan or been around for awhile can give you some insight into what Mr. Morgan is like, as well as his capability. He is very well respected for both his military instructon and concurrent understanding of the Bujinkan.

In the future, it may prove helpful to give more information into what you are actually trying to ascertain about others. Your question about Shihan Morgan is not very specific.

Best of luck,

22nd October 2002, 17:01
Hi all,

I have recently been asking about Brinly Morgan 14 dan., the reason is that I am trying to make a hard choise. I have the opp. to train (join) within ABD (Headinstruktor Shihan Van Donk 12 dan.), or Shadow Warrior Bujinkan (Headinstruktor Brinly Morgan 14 dan.). But I dont know the precise difference between the two, I think that ABD is more spirituelle, wich I like very, very much.
Does anyone know the difference ?
,Or does it not make a difference since it is all Bujinkan ?
Any advise.........


Jan Jensen.

John Lindsey
22nd October 2002, 17:24
Brin lives closer it seems. I knew Brin back when he was training full time with Stephen Hayes in Ohio. From what I recall, he does mainstream Bujinkan, but leans a bit to modern applications. Not a "kata collector" as I remember it. I have known RVD for many years, and what he teaches seems to be the complete package of all the various things he has trained in, including the spiritual stuff you mentioned. Why don't you talk to both of them via email?

22nd October 2002, 18:41
Combining this with the other thread...although I think John gave you a really good answer...ask the guys you want to train with some questions. See which one fits better with what you are looking for.

22nd October 2002, 19:44
Just my two cents, but Brin Morgan does get into the spiritual side of things, it's just not as readily apparent or heavily advertised.

Attended a "Mind" seminar conducted by Brin Morgan and his wife Natascha just last month. Pretty spiritual (but also with a lot of the modern applications mentioned). Went away very happy :D

23rd October 2002, 02:53
Have seen both, both are great. Brin and Richard both have really impressive Taijutsu. I'd like to train with either.

Jan, the people here would know better than the question on AK's board where he told you about Morgan oxing out on a fight with AK. Kim isn't the man to ask about anything.

If you get a chance train with Natasha as well. I saw her spill some guy at the Tai Kai really good, it was funny.

23rd October 2002, 06:48
I have not had the opportunity to train with Mr Van Donk but I have recently had the opportunity to go to a seminar that was put on by Mr Morgan and was greatly impressed...not only by the amount of knowledge but also in the clarity in which he gave instruction and the analogies he would use during training...Very down to earth guy. Would love to train with him again.

23rd October 2002, 06:56

That's kind of amusing, since Brin's possibly the last guy in the world who would duck out of any sort of (alleged) conflict with Uncle (alleged) Chris.

Yeah, everything on Uncle (alleged) Chris' board should be taken with a couple of twenty pound salt licks.

23rd October 2002, 18:12
Go with Brin Morgan, especially if you get Natasha in the mix.

24th October 2002, 18:01
I agree, Natasha alone is worth the price of admission. That was cool how she spilled that dude and got the "okay! okay!" comment. As for the original question as to why there is not much about him on the web, that is easy, according to Brin (someone asked a similar question at a seminar I was at last year) he wants it that way. He values his privacy and thinks that time would be better spent training instead of jacking with the web. Luckily this is my lunch break.

Brian Klenik

25th October 2002, 20:43
Originally posted by icynorth
Jan, the people here would know better than the question on AK's board where he told you about Morgan oxing out on a fight with AK. Kim isn't the man to ask about anything.

Er, I think you've got the story a bit backwards there....

I believe you are speaking about the South Africa incident, where AK tried everything (sweet-talking, payoffs, etc.) to keep Brin from kicking his ass, and when Brin wouldn't have any of it, AK hopped a plane outta South Africa and as far away from Brin as possible. LOL!

Good thing, too. Brin is down-to-earth, ass-kicking 101. He's a terrific teacher and a good man.

Natascha is also an amazing individual and is arguably more dangerous than her husband. LOL! :-D

Train with Brin and Natascha if you have the chance. They're a great package deal, imo! :-D

Check your facts, icynorth! Brin is more than willing to share the straight dope on AK over a beer. Buy him one and get ready to laugh your head off!


26th October 2002, 00:18
Hey Ben my point was more ask here about the Kan not on the Ak board. I was relating how AK stated it happened. As I was not there I figured it was all fabricated. So ultimatley I didn't see a fact to check but I see your point, thanks.

27th October 2002, 13:30
I think that ABD is more (spiritual), which I like very, very much.
Does anyone know the difference ?
,Or does it not make a difference since it is all Bujinkan

If you`re new to the art it can and will make all the difference in the world how and with whom you start your training.

Also bear in mind that the Bujinkan is not a home for `warrior monks`. If you want zazen meditation or whatever, go do that instead. The bulk if not all of your Bujinkan training will be very physical. That said, your head is connected to your body and your brain (hopefully ;) is in your head, and what we regard as our spirit seems to reside in their as well so you should be all set even if all you`re doing is kicking and punching. Beware of spiritual snake-oil, `cause there`s great big puddles of it all around.

All the spirituality you will ever need is inside the little house on the kamiza. Go take a look!

28th October 2002, 11:54
Well said...