View Full Version : Koryu Spirit: An Inquire

Jerry Johnson
25th October 2002, 17:26
I would like to direct this thread to those like Prof. Bodiford, and Prof. Friday. As well as others thoughts on the subject.

I wonder what is a koryu spirit/attitude, since koryu arts span a great number of arts both martial and non-martial, is it something developed or built, not concerned with the mantle that is rests upon, or is it something vast and unknowing, lost to time.

All of Which can and do share common threads, themes, and philosophies etc. So is koryu an individual practitioner’s or artist's attitude toward the art they practice which can be subject to personal interpretation and change, effected by, emotion, time and place. Much like those of the art world where self-expression, inspiration, and Muses for example, generate works of art. And which for some such an attitude that develops is paramount to creation- clearly a Western and modern perspective. Or is Koryu attitude a group thing that is long dead with the passage of time and can't be revived as circumstance of those who lived it are long gone. An attitude, for example that is of an historic period in nature and is only relative to those who had lived it during the times when things which later was considered to be Koryu and such an attitude that we in post- perspective perceive to be manifest into a perspective that only existed then?

Is koryu spirit/attitude a perspective that can be individualized and has properties allowing it to be personalized and ownership take place. Or is it something that as close as we can get to it is by only touching the museum glass?