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25th October 2002, 19:35
Mr. Skoss is scheduled to give a 2 day seminar at my studio in December which I intend to attend. I only know of him what my instructor has told me, which is very positive (obviously, or else he probably would not have been asked to come). I was just wondering if anybody could point in the right direction to reading material about or by Mr. Skoss.
I'm trying web searches, but recommendations are always good, too.

25th October 2002, 19:42
Check out Koryu.com. He and his wife run the site; you'll find plenty of articles.
Josh Gepner

25th October 2002, 20:27
I am assuing you mean Meik Skoss. As was mentioned above, Koryu.com is the most obvious place to go, as well as the books the publish.

25th October 2002, 20:57
I do mean Meik. Sorry for the mis-spelling. Perhaps that is why I was having such a difficult time finding information.

26th October 2002, 12:54
The link is probably on koryu.com, but you can also try koryubooks.com, as well.

Do you have any idea what he will be teaching? My guess is either some jujutsu grappling or a weapon, such as the jo. It may be something you want to ask, but bring a good stick about four feet long just in case, if you don't keep such weapons at the dojo.

Really, that is a guess, but one can never be too prepared.