View Full Version : How active is your dojo?

26th October 2002, 05:46

Hello. I was wondering how active the Shorinjikempo dojos are out there? Such as doing gasshukus, attending study sessions, WSKO sponsered events, fund raisers, public demonstrations, ect.

Tripitaka of AA
27th October 2002, 08:36
At this point there may be an embarassed silence...

<tumbleweed rolls past in a dusty breeze>
<a shutter bangs and a church bell sounds far away>

The thing is, so many people who do Shorinji Kempo have busy lives filled to the brim with commitments and responsibilities. It seems that every spare moment is used to study Shorinji Kempo. There is a limited amount of extra time available for extra-curricular activities.

There is also the self-effacing reticence to step forward and volunteer, when there is clearly so much more to learn. Shyness(!), or reluctance to shine "until I'm a better Kenshi".

Having said all that, the annual demonstration performances at the Abbey Dojo were a real highlight and a great chance for Embu performance. The biggest demonstrations that I attended were for Martial Aid, a fundraiser for Save The Children Fund, in which Shorinji Kempo took its turn on a stage filled by a succession of Japanese martial art exponents. Other display opportunities were local festivals and School Fetes. Most of these events were open to all levels of Kenshi within the club and it made a great learning experience.

Oh, and I think we made a useful contribution to our society/environment in the process :D