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26th October 2002, 06:14

I normally see other kenshi at the dojo bringing small notebooks to practice and taking down notes on techniques or advice/lessons given by the sensei. I was advised that this is a really useful way to get a better understanding of things and also a tool to help not forget stuff that your taught. I went out a bought a notebook and plan on jotting down stuff that I learn at each practice. My question is, how many other kenshi out there do this and any advise on how to organize or put down notes in the book?

Tripitaka of AA
27th October 2002, 09:58
A Notebook is probably a good idea... I just never thought of it:( . I used to try and write up any philosophy subjects in my syllabus when I found the odd moment at home. There can be a downside to this, in that once committed to paper (or PC) the temptation is to ignore the subject as having been "done", moving on to the next. It would be useful to re-visit the subject occasionally to see if you have changed or developed your understanding in the meantime, which in many ways mirrors what happens during the Howa sessions during class. The same subjects will come around periodically and it can be a challenge for the instructor to convey the same basic message without getting stale.

I guess the danger of a notebook is that it becomes the receptacle for your knowledge, instead of you. After all, we are trying to live the values, master the techniques and become the master... not the librarian. :)

How's that? ;)

28th October 2002, 01:26
A notebook makes sense especially if your dojo owns or has access to a whiteboard. Before each class, the lectures are clearly prepared on the whiteboard.

Incidently, we had a kenshi who accidently left his bag in a taxi. It had his dogi, pads and notebook. He told me he really was more upset for losing his notebook which had all of his Shoriji philosophy notes.

tony leith
28th October 2002, 12:26
Notebooks obviously have their uses as an aide memoire, especially in getting past that stage where you look at the syllabus and go 'what' -let's face it, many of the names of techniques are not particularly sugestive of what's going on even if you do understand the Japanese. What I find they're not very helpful for is detailed technical exposition - again, this may be more towards my own natural bias towards learning kinesthetically. I've made umpteen resolutions about writing stuff down, especially after seminars, summer camps etc - all to often these resolutions end up not being lived up to. My loss.

Tony leith

28th October 2002, 21:05
I remember the first time I was in Japan and was practicing Shorinji Kempo in Osaka. Nobody there spoke any English. I was constantly asking technique names and would have a hard time remembering what I had learned afterwards. I wasen't thinking about it then but a notebook would have really been helpful. The second time I went back to Japan and practiced, I still didn't think about keeping a notebook but my Japanese had improved enough so that I could get a better understanding of what I was being taught.