View Full Version : Looking for Ms. Jean Tuillard

21st August 2000, 15:32
Good afternoon,

I am trying to locate an Aiki Jiu Jitsu instructor by the name of Jean or Gene Tuillard.
My Sensei, trained under Gene Tuillard maybe 10 years ago while she and her husband were in Ireland. I believe
she was also teaching in a university in Glasgow at the same time. Since then she has moved
to Canada and my Sensei has lost all contact with her.

If anyone has any information i would be very grateful.

Best wishes

Denise Rozney

Richard Elias
21st August 2000, 19:45

I saw also your post on Akido Journal's forums last night.
I was just recently posting with another Seibutsu Yanagi Ryu student on the Bugei.com swordforums. He was inquiring if there was any relation between our respective arts. But I didn't know.

I took the liberty of getting your e-mail address from the A.J. site and sending it to him. Hopefully he might have some information that might help you. Then again, maybe you two already know each other.

Just trying to help.