View Full Version : Is the practice of kicking people in the groin to demo ki abilities healthy or not?

Sean T. Fourkiller
29th October 2002, 20:20
Ok, personally I think the practice is unhealthy, silly, and dangerous, not to mention painful. I always wanted to ask that question here, but it didn't seem relevant until one of the Juko clan announced a new bulletin board in the member's lounge.

Neil Yamamoto
29th October 2002, 21:02
Well, it makes me laugh a lot to see these guys(and ladies) do this to themselves. Laughter is healthy for you, so sure it's healthy for me.

Oh, wait. You mean for the person getting kicked? Getting kicked in the groin personally is something I try to avoid.

29th October 2002, 22:11
Personally I always preferred Coach Buzzcut from the Beavis and Butthead cartoon series demonstrating pain tolerance:

"You wanna see a man boy.
I'll show you a man.
Kick me in the jimmy."

31st October 2002, 13:59
It can't be healthy. I'm not absolutely sure, but I would say that it is THE wrong way to treat your, or your training partners family jewels.

József Pap

3rd November 2002, 15:23
Hi all.
I have quite a few things in life that I have never needed to do....But no where in the entire list do I include getting kicked in the balls ON PURPOSE. Even if I COULD do it, why the hell would I? OK...So you may say that the ability to resist buckling over and gakking up your lunch after such a strike could be useful to you, but surely it makes far more sense to train yourself in ways to prevent anyone getting close enough to your nads to harm you?
However you do it...Karate, Judo, wearing a box, never going out...It makes more sense to me to actually work on my 'Self-defense' tactics in that way rather than learning to strain hard and get a foot in the unmentionables...:rolleyes:
But then some people could use the fact to demonstrate exactly how hard they really are....I am NOT talking here about the kind of hardness that means you aren't easily attacked but about the hardness that means you can recieve a full and swift kick from a friend with nothing more than slightly raised BP....At best!
Overall (IMHO) it is pretty high up on the useless charts....And that is coming from someone who trains in weapons no-one has used for at least the last century...Odd but thats the way of things round here..Let em' do it.....Keeps me marginally more amused than having to watch 'Big Brother' (But we don't even want to go there....).

4th November 2002, 06:30
Some people should not reproduce and I think we've found the perfect hobby for them.

5th November 2002, 08:22
I always wondered how long the guy you are going to kick like that is going to remain in place to be the target. Having been a target for that kind of kick twice (OK, I was six years old the first time, and it did leave me bruised but not injured in a way that stopped me or that hurt much) it just is too small a target, but even when someone is standing there, most kick with the instep. I would think a kick to the scrotum with your toes or ball of the foot would be more effective, preferably in a sharp pointed boot. The target may get bigger, but it still is too small to even consider unless he is on his back and you control a leg. Preferally on all fours and throwing up, as well.

I've have been much more impressed if the target was moving as in real life, they do. So what is the subject again?


5th November 2002, 18:37
My favorite application of this technique is in the show "King of the Hill," when Hank's son takes a women's self defense class because the karate class is filled. He learns the defense against someone grabbing your purse:

"Hey, I don't know you, let go my purse!" [front snap kick to the groin]

From there on out, his "self defense" is strictly this technique during the show. Classic! :laugh: My friend and his son still play this game with each other around their house.

6th November 2002, 11:14
Just seeing the name of this thread was almost enough to make me spit my teas all over the monitor in laughter. Images come to mind of that simpsons episode where bart and milhouse are getting football gear and milhouse repeatedly kicks bart in the groin while he's wearing a cup, very funny. I'm with Eric on this one!

22nd November 2002, 15:20
Personally, kicking someone in the groin is perfectly healthy, so long as you do it well enough that he doesn't get up and beat the crap out of you. Whether it demonstrates ki abilities or not, I couldn't say.

Oh, you guys are talking about getting kicked in the groin.

Brian Kantsiper