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Aaron Fields
21st August 2000, 19:27
Junkendo in the United States, any leads anybody? I know it is hard to come by, so if someone knows of anything not in the US post away.

Meik Skoss
21st August 2000, 22:29
I suppose that would be my wife, Diane, and me. Although we have not yet begun offering instruction in jukendo and tankendo, its related art, we trained for quite a few years with the most senior instructors at the ZenJukenRen Hombu and we have been asked by them to help spread the art. If you are seriously interested in training in these arts, please contact me by e-mail (my address is [mskoss@koryubooks.com]) for further information.

the Khazar Kid
11th September 2000, 06:09
What is tankendo? I posted a thread in "Close Quarter Combatives" on Jukendo/Jukenjutsu and how they compare to other styles of bayonet-fighting, if they use more bladework?

27th July 2002, 21:07
I was likely enough to contact Eguchi Kendo Company (http://www.eguchi.net) and to find myself talking to the owner of the company, who was in the States for her annual visit. Anyways, she said that her Japanese company has Jukendo equipment that start at $800 and up and the mokuju start at $100. And when Diane Skoss Senei and Meik Skoss Sensei decide to hold a seminar or workshop in the future, I would make the effort to come. If anyone is interested in reading about jukendo you can click to http://www.buyubooks.com/, where you could find Jukendo Kyohon and JukendoJutsu Ka Kyohan by Takahashi Kao. I hope that helps a little.