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12th November 2002, 01:11
Does anyone have or know where I might find information on (1)Shinken Bujutsu as taught by Mr. Svaral, (2)it's relationship to the arts taught by the kans and (3) whether there is anyone teaching the Shinken Bujutsu system in the Virginia area?

Muai-Aakhu R. Meskheniten

R Erman
12th November 2002, 01:35
Best bet would be www.shinkenbujutsu.com for info. Also, Mark Speranza is a regular here who is involved with SB--you might pm him.

As far as I know, SB is primarily a split off of the Genbukan/KJJR organization. They emphasize randori and ne waza in addition to kata geiko. I would suggest getting their video for a glimpse into how they train, I highly recommend it even though it is fairly short.

12th November 2002, 02:05
Thank you very much.

Muai-Aakhu R. Meskheniten