View Full Version : pain in the tips of the fingers

13th November 2002, 11:36
I've recently taken up judo after a 10 year absence and I've started to get pain in the ends of my fingers , between the nail and the first knuckle. This pain gets worse if i clentch my fists.

Does anyone know any good prevention methods for this, for example would use of a guitar finger strengthener help or will it make things worse?


13th November 2002, 12:40
is the pain caused by damage to the skin? If so put some tape on the fingers before you start practice...

Mike Williams
13th November 2002, 12:50
Sounds like inflammation of the first knuckle joint, probably caused by vice-like grips on your opponent's gi.

Not sure what the solution would be, other than 'don't grip so tight'. Easier said than done in Judo I expect.

I guess, just drink lots of fluids, avoid repetitive finger motions like typing, make sure you get lots of rest between training sessions, and try and relax as much as possible during randori.

I've had bad experience with guitar finger exercisers - I had pretty much the same pain in my left hand fingers and those things just made it (a lot) worse. In the end the solution was to develop a lighter left hand touch, rather than strengthen the hand.



13th November 2002, 13:45
nah, the skin is fine, it's more a muscle ache.

I'm actually going less keyboard work since i returned to judo, as the time for judo has come out of my evening computer work, I spend an obscene ammount of time in front of a computer, 8 hours at work, and then 6 to 7 at home, I don't suffer from RSI that much, especially now that i use a wrist rest and a natural keyboard.

I'll try relaxing and see how that goes, I believe I need to relax in general with my judo as I suffer from the beginners mistake of clamping on and not letting go.

cheers for the help,