View Full Version : Sato Ryu Jujutsu

John Scott
13th November 2002, 14:21
Have any of you heard of this style, Sato-Ryu? Apparently, this is not the same style developed by Sato Kinbei (& passed on to Tanemura of the Genbukan), but a style developed by the Sato clan, particularly Hoken Sato who is pictured in the famous 1906 photo of the gathering of jujutsu masters. There is an Italian website that I came across that has an English translation of their lineage: http://www.clonline.it/satoryu/ (click on La Storia).
The 1906 photo of the masters lists Hoken as being affiliated with the Kodokan, and therein lies my confusion. According to their lineage, the system was passed to the son, Minoru Sato, but the photo's legend seems to contradict that. Apparently, there is a hombu dojo in Tokyo, and obviously, a branch in Italy. Any further info would be appreciated...

John Scott