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15th November 2002, 00:36
I was wondering if someone knew the Japanese for 'soul'. Would a term referring to the demise or 'death' of a soul be '(soul) no shi'?

15th November 2002, 23:38
So, basically, what's your username in Japanese?

Try this link:

But I think "kon" is what you are looking for.

Jeff Hamacher
16th November 2002, 09:05

my short answer is similar to Jason's, or at least the character is the same one: the "soul" you're looking for could be tamashii, or you can use the compound reikon, which combines tama and the above-mentioned character.

if you wanted to express "Soulend", possibly like "the death/annihilation of the soul", you could cook up a fanciful name such as reikon-metsu, where metsu means "ruin; destruction; death". believe me, though, it would have nothing to do with "natural" japanese! the closest such a name would come to any real japanese term is reikon no fumetsu, "the immortality of the soul", or reikon no zetsumetsu, "the annihilation of the soul".

please feel free to contact me by PM and i can offer further insights as you might want them. can your computer grok japanese? i could even look into sending you the characters for your reference.

17th November 2002, 08:34
Thank you guys....yeah, basically my username. :D I just didn't want to come off like the queries one occasionally sees: "Hey, what's 'Supreme and Eternal Death-Spirit and Destroyer of Worlds' in Japanese?". Jeff, my computer can indeed grok kanji and I'll be firing off a PM to you.

17th November 2002, 12:37
More importantly, do you know where your towel is?

17th November 2002, 19:17
My towel?

18th November 2002, 12:19
Isn't "grok" a reference from the *Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy*? If so, then the most important thing is to always know where your towel is.

Adam Young
18th November 2002, 17:34
Isn't "grok" a reference from the *Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy*? Right genre, wrong book. "Grok" is from "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Heinlein.

8th January 2003, 22:05
hi there !
talking about soul. are you familiar with the history of the word yamatodamashii ? i donīt want to offend you, so please get me right. there is more than just a slight negative connotation to this word.


9th January 2003, 00:51

Right -- that is true for "yamatodamashii" -- but it is not true for "tamashii" or in its compound form such as "Kenkon" [sword soul].

And just to point out the obvious, "tamashii" is a different kanji than "tame(shi)" -- which means "to test."