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17th November 2002, 21:04
Does anybody know where one can get a good blueprint for "building" a Kyoketsu Shoge?

Has there been a "standard"? (stupid question, but I still would like answers;)


18th November 2002, 04:20
Are you trying to build a training weapon or a live weapon?

18th November 2002, 15:25
For the sake of knowing history and get more feeling into it. I'd like to make it myself to know how it was done...well nowadays it's a bit easier but we adjust to time and space , hehhehheeee.

To get material is no problem for me.

Would like to know though.. one cannot know enough about this art ......

To train safely I have to make a very safe version too. It will be in safe hands and will not be misused!

Konsta Beck

19th November 2002, 03:50
For a training shoge, I have made one from an old hand saw blade (or any good flexible steel, make sure it's dull and has no rust) that I traced the pattern onto and then cut out with a dremel tool. I made a handle out of wood, but you can just as easily wrap the end with leather or twine, making sure to leave at least 1" of exposed metal on the butt so that a hole can be drilled and a rope put through. I've yet to find a standard on the ring, but a visit to the local Home Depot should find you something adequate.

The shoge in "History and Tradition" is very good example.

19th November 2002, 17:11
Yes, that's a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

27th November 2002, 18:23
hi all

this may help if your still looking at making a shoge, had the link for a while and forgot until someone sent it to me the other day again

note its a pdf file and you will need acrobat reader to view it


27th November 2002, 20:40
This is great !

I can try them all and end up with my own, hahhahhaaaaaaa.


27th November 2002, 23:17
That's ridiculous! You actually found a kyoketsu shogei blueprint on the internet!!!

27th November 2002, 23:20
Budo is fun... even on the internet ;)

Joe Maurantonio
3rd December 2002, 00:08
You can read a kyoketsu shoge article I wrote a few years ago here:

It's in flash format!

- Joe

3rd December 2002, 18:30
I had read that one already..and it was great...nice flash!! I have recommended that one to others ;)
WHere did you get thet fantastic music?

Thanks in advance


4th December 2002, 16:35
I made my training shoge from these things:

1) Rubber Ring Dog Toy---Which is the same diameter as a steel ring
2) Wooden handle--about a foot to a foot and a half long
3) Rope---make sure its sturdy
4) Screw in rings (like on a screen door)
You can also get bigger ones, or drill a hole if you like

Take your rope, measure it out to the length you want, I usually take it as two of my arm lengths from r. finger to l. finger. Attach it to the rubber ring, and take the rope and attach it to the handle. As for a blade, you can do what was said in an earlier post about saw handles, or you can do as my sensei once did. Use a wooden tanto for the handle.

Hope this helps! And remember, don't put your eye out!

In Christ,
Randall Engle
Genbukan Ninpo Bugei