View Full Version : Origin's Of Koryu Jujutsu

Cilian McHugh
23rd August 2000, 11:57
Hi All,

Does anyone know of any good books in English detailing the deveopment of Koryu Jujutsu Ryu-Ha?

Thanks in Advance

Joseph Svinth
24th August 2000, 12:19
The first English-language text I know is Thomas Lindsay and Jigoro Kano, "The Old Samurai Art of Fighting without Weapons," _Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan_, XVI, Pt II, reprinted 1915, 202-217. But for accurate history, probably your best bet is to check out the books by the Skosses. The URL is http://www.koryubooks.com

Wayne Muromoto might have an article or two at http://www.furyu.com

Sorry I can't be more help.