View Full Version : Training in Canada

21st November 2002, 11:40
Hey guys, I'm going to Canada for 6 weeks and am wondering if anyone knows of some good dojo to train at. I'll be in Whistler, Fernie, Red Mountain and Edmonton during my stay.

Jim London
22nd November 2002, 04:22
Canada is kind of a big place, for instance I think I am around 3,000 miles or so from where you are going to be and I am in Canada. But here is my two cents anyway.

Pack your skis for Whistler, dont know about the MA.

I have heard positive things about these guys in Edmonton:


Good luck and enjoy the Rockies, almost the most beautifull part of our northern country (Bay of Fundy out here in the East wins hands down) (Me ducking the flames that this comment will start).

Jim London

Joseph Svinth
23rd November 2002, 02:21
A bit south of Vancouver, in Richmond, BC, is the Steveston Martial Arts Centre. The city library is in the same building (you have to like a dojo that includes a library), and the Steveston kendo and judo clubs are some of the oldest in North America. Last time I looked, aikido and karate were also offered.