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Ken Allgeier
24th August 2000, 03:02
can anyone tell how to make those Big Bold( fat ) Typed Letters on your post,like everyone else can,but I can not figure out how.


ken allgeier

24th August 2000, 03:16

Place the text you want to change inside a start and end "tag" for the specific action you are looking for (bold, italic, etc.).

A "start tag" follows the form of a letter or keyword inside brackets. Like so: {tag}

An "end tag" follows the form of the same letter or keyword inside brackets with a slash. Like so: {/tag}

The "tag" for bold is 'b' and the "tag" for italic is 'i'.

Here is an example:

This word should be {b}bold{/b} and this word should be {i}italic{/i}.

Because the board would have tried to read those examples above as actual tags, I changed the brackets ( [] )into braces ( {} )for the examples. Simply change them back to brackets in order for them to work.


Ken Allgeier
28th August 2000, 05:25
Thank you for the info.

ken allgeier