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26th November 2002, 19:52
Does anyone know how to make graphics with kanji in them using English OS? I have Adobe photoshop and Illustratorand Macromedia Fireworks. For word processing I use word with the Japanese IME

The Japanese IME only opens in word and MSIE.
Any ideas?

26th November 2002, 21:19
Since you can create kanji in the Japanese IME, you could size one up to your liking there, take a screenshot with the printscreen button, and then move the batch image of the screenshot over to your graphics programs. Cut out the piece you want, and "voila!"

I know its kind of an ass-backwards way of doing it, but then you won't need to buy any additional software. I have had to use this method on a number of occassions. The brute force method, while clunky, never fails.

If its something you are going to do frequently though, hopefully someone else can point you in the direction of some good freeware. I just figured I'd drop out a quick fix.

27th November 2002, 00:13
I will try that one.
Any more people go any ideas?

Anders Pettersson
27th November 2002, 01:00
Hi David.

I have Photshop and the IME works just fine in Photoshop for me. However it didn't work when I was using Photoshop5.5, (then I had to paste the kanji in using some other encoding etc.) but since 6.0 there is no problem to just type using IME. What OS are you running?

One way you shold be able to do, If you have Photoshop 6.0, is to just copy the kanji from Word and paste it to Photoshop.
If you have an earlier version of photoshop it doesn't handle Unicode (as Word use), can't remeber now but it was possible to paste in JIS (or some other encoding of Japanese) when I used Photoshop5.5.

If things still doesn't work out maybe I can help you.
If you send me a Photoshop-file with right size and resolution and use whatever text (ie. any letter instead of each kanji you want) with the photoshop effects, colors etc. that you need, and also a Word-file with the kanji that you want and I can make whatever gif or jpg that you want, I can send you the psd-file as well with kanji in it and you can see if that is possble for you to edit.


27th November 2002, 20:31
I have photoshop 5.0 (It was a gift) :(