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27th November 2002, 09:31
I practice karate, and i would like to start practice katas with sai (or jittes). Does someone know good books about katas and weapon techniques in the same book. (if not , they can be in different books). I´m specially interested in books that presents the bunkai against , for example sword, sai, bo etc.

Jussi Petrelius

Jussi Häkkinen
28th November 2002, 10:33
Well, you could have posted this into kobudo area, but I guess that you could benefit from Bushi no Te -book, written by Ilpo Jalamo. However, learning from book or video isn't very effective - I recommend you to find a teacher and study kobudo with him. If that isn't possible, try to attend to as many kobudo seminars as possible.

2nd December 2002, 14:57
"Ryukyu Kobujutsu: Nunchaku, Tonfa, Sai"

Nunchaku and Sai by Ryusho Sakagami.

Bassai Dai works very well with the sai if you know that.

Isshin-Ryu has some very interesting sai kata, including one very similar to the empty handed Kusanku. Sai looks easy, but there are some complicated fine points you will need a competent instructor to fix. I thought I was pretty good with them until a 4th dan tore me apart and basically told me I had no business doing the kata until I practiced the basics a lot more :)

Since then, I've gotten a little better, and can do a passable Chatanyara no Sai. Killer workout for the hands.

2nd December 2002, 15:42
I also like most things by Fumio Demura, his sai book included. Worth the price, and is very complete.

2nd December 2002, 17:08
Second that.

His book was the first I bought on the subject, and I can't believe I didn't mention it.