View Full Version : How small is your dojo?

27th November 2002, 14:06
Just a quick poll to see how many smaller operations are out there. A large percentage of a previous poll on dojo size selected "Less than 50 people" (currently at 69%).

27th November 2002, 15:07
I feel bad for those with 50 or more people in class...

Jon Gillespie

Bob Blackburn
27th November 2002, 15:32
Class size or total?

We have about 20-25 adults; but, class size is anywhere from 6 - 15 usually. I think we are well over 100 kids.

2nd December 2002, 12:34
I thought size didn't matter...

Really, we have several "clubs" each with a different number, our average is 8.

Mountain Kusa
6th December 2002, 02:50
We have a small Bujinkan Shibu authorized by Ed Martin 14th Dan Bujinkan Budotaijutsu. We had up to 11 at one time but the folks with bad hearts left. That is the way it should be i guess.:rolleyes: