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29th November 2002, 14:30
After careful thought I've decided not to attend the Taikai or any other seminars. Instead I am going to save for a couple of years and go to Japan for training. I am going to spend that time training my kihon even harder so that I can attempt to keep up at Soke's and the Shihans' dojos. It's been my dream for a long time to train with the source of Ninjutsu in Japan.

It will cost me a lot of money and time away from my family, but what the hell ... you only live twice!

pete lohstroh
29th November 2002, 17:52
I feel l like I'm watching a French movie.
The main character is introspective while looking at rusting ships in Lyon. Over the scene, his thoughts are audible but...his lips do not move!

The money issue is certainly something we all have to wrestle with but don't you think when the Taikai vs. seminars vs. Japan is discussed purely in terms of money something is lost?

The taikais are being discussed on another thread so I will limit my discussion.

Seminars with (to name a few who visit my region) Jack Hoban, Bill Atkins, or Dale Seago are excellent at conveying Sensei's flow. A good seminar (as an adjunct to daily training)can help anyone get more out of training,in Japan or anywhere else. In the next few weeks, shidoshi will be returning from Daikomyosai with lots of fresh insight. If any offer a seminar in your region and, you can afford it, go.

No, I am not saying it's the same as a Japan trip. What I am saying is that a trip to Japan at the expense of attending all seminars may not be a good choice for your level of available training funds at this point in time.

El Guapo-san
30th November 2002, 22:52
Dude, seriously, try some of the seminars in Paris (Arnaud) and Amsterdam (Sveneric) BEFORE going to Japan. Check my comments on Manchester thread...

J. Vlach, Amsterdam