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3rd December 2002, 17:28
Hello all,

Great to be back on the forum after my hiatus from training. Had a knee injury so I needed to let it rest.

Anyways, I have a favor to ask of anyone willing to help.

I love to read about different martial arts, systems, ryu-ha, lineages, so on and so forth. It may be wrong of me to ask, but if anyone training in any jiu jitsu systems out there wouldn't mind I would like to correspond with them and get information on their systems, techniques, ettiquete, etc. I would like to be e-mailed any info in a word format so I can read it at my leisure.

Just to make some of you feel better, I am not trying to "get inside" your system or anything, just like to read on other things and learn. I am a humble person and like to see new things. Heck, even a yellow belt in judo knows something I don't. Correspondence would be great, and help me should a student or training partner move to your neck of the woods. I could direct them to you and allow them to see what you provided me with so as to help them with their training.

If you don't mind helping me then please write to me. My e-mail and website are both on this page. I would eventually like to make a section on my web site dedicated to jiu jitsu, as it is one of my fav MA's.

God Bless, and thanks for hearing me!

In Christ,
Randall Engle
Genbukan Ninpo Bugei