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4th December 2002, 18:31
I am checking to see if anyone is interested in participating in a "study group" for a gendai Japanese jujutsu system in Ventura County. We will be under the direction of a high level instructor who resides in Pasadena. Specifics will be worked out as I soon as I know how many people would like to participate. All interested parties should e-mail me at jomyo@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your time,

Mark Barlow
4th December 2002, 19:13
What is the difference between a study group and a dojo/club?

4th December 2002, 21:54
A study group is a group of students who train together when they are a geographical distance from their teacher. In our case we are not that far so we will get instruction quite often. You know what a dojo is.... :)

Mark Barlow
4th December 2002, 22:09
I know what I think a dojo should be but not everyone agrees with me.:D Anyway, thanks for the quick response and good luck to everyone involved with the group.

29th August 2003, 15:02
Anyone... Anyone...

29th August 2003, 19:51
If you really want responses, perhaps you should give the name of the art and the sensei. If the art is unfamiliar then a description of its antecedents and or method would be in order.

29th August 2003, 21:40
I guess you are probably right...

The style is Hakko Denshin Ryu and my sensei is Gil Adams, the west coast representative for the HDR. The art is derived from Daito ryu.

Brian Griffin
4th September 2003, 05:47
Tell Gil I said "Hi."

14th September 2003, 04:37
Griffin Sensei,
Gil was telling me about your dojo. Sounds like a cool spot!!