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7th December 2002, 09:34
Hi, looking around for a jujutsu school who teaches traditional jujutsu and was wondereing whether anyone has heard of a Hatsumi ryu. Appreciate the help. Mel

7th December 2002, 14:00
Hi Mel.
It is not a Koryu group. Is there any chance it could be connected with the Bujinkan? They include a few arts that could come under a definition of 'traditional Jujutsu'...But it is unlikely they would omit the Bujinkan tags on the group....Sorry not to help more..

8th December 2002, 05:29
The sword school I was looking at (Tatsumi-ryu) has never heard of the guy that teaches it and the there was a couple of things about that are dodgy. So I didnt end up trainning there.