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10th December 2002, 11:38

Does anybody have any good stretching excersises to help me get my legs stretched and supple. I have problems getting good kicking techniques on Front Kicks, Axe Kicks, Back Kicks ect, Also my hips seem very stiff, and need to be loosend up a bit. Also how do I improve on the speed of my kicks.



10th December 2002, 14:16
Yoga and Daoist tai chi are great safe stretchers, esp to open the hips.

Speed is a measure of muscle strength - practice your kicks super slow motion to build the kicking muscles. Endurance is a measure of core body strength - crunch and twist-crunch and kick every day. Be patient.

Good luck.

10th December 2002, 19:00
Thomas Kurz at www.stadion.com has a tape and a book that are excellent references on the inter-relationship of strength and flexibility. However, if you try to short cut his methods, you can run into all sorts of trouble. Read his stuff thoroughly and follow his guidelines and you will see some improvement.

The other books at stadion are also wonderfully helpful to athletes of all types.