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10th December 2002, 13:50
Crazes that have come and gone in the recent (1970-) history of the x-kan :) Care to share any? Good or bad.

-Benjamin Rodgers

The Tengu
10th December 2002, 15:46
Originally posted by Rodgers
Crazes that have come and gone in the recent (1970-) history of the x-kan :) Care to share any? Good or bad.

-Benjamin Rodgers Camo tabi.

John Anderson
10th December 2002, 18:11
Leg warmers.................Bad, very Bad!

George Kohler
10th December 2002, 18:22
Military Camo BDU's (Battle dress uniform)

10th December 2002, 19:58
The NINJA-TO. Tho, it's not completely gone, it's definitely on it's way out.

PS: I still have my leg warmers. I like them, in fact :p

The Tengu
10th December 2002, 22:52
Originally posted by George Kohler
Military Camo BDU's (Battle dress uniform) LOL but they match the camo tabi so well!

Mike Passow
11th December 2002, 02:58
Mr. Ray, I respectfully submit that you must be thinking of your Kathy Long kickboxing days in remembering the loin cloths.


Favorite Fad? - those notebooks people could wear strapped to their upper thigh at seminars.

- Mike Passow

11th December 2002, 13:36
Only SOI I know of is School Of Infantry. & they wouldn't be wearin' loincloths...

When you're talking about loincloths, you mean Fundoshi, right? Here's a cool link.


(PS: maybe we should start a trend right now, like in those old Jujutsu pics, just train in a fundoshi & budogi top. Let's do it!!!)

I know what I'm wearing to TaiKai next year. Maybe I'll finally get some attention from the ladies... hmmmmm :cry:

11th December 2002, 13:47
Hi Jim.
I would guess that Rick means the 'Shadows of Iga' group started by Stephen K.Hayes a while back...Personally I think the world (Maybe just London..) has gotten colder in recent years and that will suffice as my excuse to NOT wear Fundoshi only in training!

m harper
11th December 2002, 13:54
We had a guy in the late 80's that wore a cammo "ninja" gi every class.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

11th December 2002, 15:09
We used to have Ninja CRAZIES that would come in for their first class with a Nin kanji already embroidered on their jacket, then they'd try to perform fatalities on anyone they could get their hands on before we kicked them out.

Does that happen to anyone anymore?

There was this guy I saw in San Diego, he was like a cross between Fu Manchu & Scorpion from MK. I never saw him w/o his tabi on, even out on a Friday night, BDU's (either black or camo), & a silk robe. Had a long black ponytail, this stringy goatee, & to top it off, he had that damn Mortal Kombat Circle/Dragon symbol tattooed on his chest like Batman!!! It was like 8" across! What a clown-boy!:rolleyes:


Another thing I just remembered, I used to go up to the Taoist Sanctuary for Sticky Hands on Friday nights, & he'd show up & try to kick the hell out of everyone, doin' these flying screaming kicks to the heavy bags... gawd, it was embarrassing being a martial artist & watching him

George Kohler
11th December 2002, 15:24
Originally posted by Shojin
Lets see if anyone else remembers and wants to give up some names

You mean the group in Washington State?

R Erman
11th December 2002, 22:24
Originally posted by Shojin
Also I think leather headbands (not sure on that, memory fades ya know)I have heard allot of funny stories about the stuff they did...

Headbands were to keep out stray thoughts, right?

11th December 2002, 23:20
I use a head/sweatband to keep the sweat from pouring down my face. But in reality, it´s because I look so extremely cool in it. I mean, black gi and the Adidas logo go sooo well together. Also, wearing it improves my taijutsu with at least 15%. Thinking of adding reflective Ray Bans to complete the picture. This should draw more girls to our dojo, I think.

Johan Grönwall

17th December 2002, 04:24
I can remember many times people from TKD or karate systems would come into the dojo and start training, but instead of getting a black gi to train in, they kept their gis (I believe Dobok in Korean, correct me if I am wrong) and trained many months in them.

Also many times people would come in and get themselves a black ninja outfit, as well as camo tabi, etc.

I remember a guy who wore red sweats and said he liked them because they reminded him of the blood of his enemies. Talk about scary, and disturbed.

My favorite is the ski mask that you see a lot of people wearing in old books (i.e. Ashida Kim) and we used to have people actually bring them to class and try to train in them as well!

In Christ Name,
Randall Engle
Fudoshin Dojo

19th December 2002, 14:29
Ugh. We had so many wackies that its ridiculous. For one, our instructor trains our local SWAT team on the side and this one guy on a bicycle comes strolling by and goes, "Hey... you guys doin' karate? Yeah... I teach the police that stuff. You guys arent lookin' too bad." Another incident was a guy coming to class after hearing about it from his friend that still trains with us, however absolutly refused to come train again because we were "ninja"... clanspeople who steal children from villages during the night and train them in the art of killing against their will. People come and want to know if we bring a heater when its cold outside, someone else wanted to know if we use hang-gliders... ugh. People!