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Martial Sloth
11th December 2002, 07:12
Hey everyone, just a short question: I've come across a word quite recently which I'm trying to find out what it means. The word being "Shinkan". I've seen it twice now, the once for a style of Karate known as Tenshinkan Karate and the other the name for a Jujutsu dodo (Shinkan Jujutsu).

Anyone know what it stands for or means? Ever heard of it before?

Jim London
11th December 2002, 23:51
I am going to go out on a limb for this one. And make sure that you know I dont speak japanese. But I did the following search on google (my infallable source of knowledge):

Shinkan Japanese Translation

and found lots of hits. Everything from Spirit to Priest. Of course if you had the Kanji someone who speaks Japanese will give you a proper response, but from the martial sites that use this word they all seem to refer to "transmission" as in "the style of the pure transmission" etc..

Good Luck
Jim London

Andy Watson
12th December 2002, 13:57
Please see the image attached.

For Tenshinkan it is almost certainly one of the options below. Tenshin is often used in budo for the names of schools such as the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu. Which shin to use could vary though, some prefer heavenly transmitted, others "true heaven". Kan will most likely be for hall.

As Jim says, Shinkan has numerous meanings but probably means "mind". Can't say for sure without seeing the kanji.