View Full Version : Plea bargins were common

11th December 2002, 12:48

Which is more dangerous: Ninja lawyers or Lawyer ninjas?:D

11th December 2002, 15:52
I guess they must have a high attrition rate due to the fact that whenever a Ninja Lawyer loses a case he must commit Seppuku.:D

Son of Thunder
12th December 2002, 18:23
That may be the single scariest image I have ever seen.

13th December 2002, 01:03
Got a lawsuit? Call us. Got a lawsuit filed against you and you lost? Call us, we'll have our Ninjas take care of the person who sued you.

18th December 2002, 10:28
Aside from the fact that the sign is funny as hell, (Attorneys at Law Ninja Training? lol)... what kind of Bad Budo do you have to be to have a huge sign over your school that says "Ninja Training"? Even real ninjutsu schools don't generally put big huge signs out that say "Ninja Training"! :rolleyes:

27th December 2002, 23:55
YEAH! For once a lawyers firm that doesn't take any crap. I bet they win 100% of the court cases.


28th December 2002, 07:07
What juror would vote against the guys dressed in black with swords slung across their backs. Hell they wouldn't see them enter the court room. They would just appear give ther statements then vanish.