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12th December 2002, 10:53
Hello all.

After "lurking" here off and on for a couple year, I have had a career change that has prompted my joining and posting.

I am now living in the metropolitan Detroit area and am having a difficult time finding a MA school to join. I've checked out several schools over the last few months and have seen some abysmal teaching.

FYI, I have 25+ years MA experience, primarily in TaeKwonDo, but with some exposure to Ueichi-Ryu, Aikido, Kyokushin, and Okinawan weapons.

I am looking for a traditional type Japanese style school. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Although I am working on the NE side (Troy) for the right school I would be willing to drive for some distance.

In advance, thanks for any assistance.

Michael Slisher

12th December 2002, 13:58
I know of a Kyokushin dojo and an Ashihara Dojo.
e-mail me (or Private Message) me if you want
more information.

If you want to cross the border to Windsor, ONT
Shihan Albert Mady teaches Isshin Ryu Karate
just a couple miles in.

Best Regards,

15th December 2002, 00:20
Thank you for your answers, gentlemen. I appreciate the help.

Mike Slisher