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26th August 2000, 16:48
Was thinking that for my next project I would attempt to make a spear, or naganita. Now I plan to get the blades from Kris Cutlery, and I can get wood. What I am wondering is what is the best way to attach the blade to the wood? Would it have to be pinned? If I make this, I will plan on doin some type of partner work with it so it must hold up to the rigors of battle as they say! :) Any help at all would be much appreciated!

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Tyson Walters

Tony Peters
2nd September 2000, 19:06
Speaking as someone who has done the very thing you describe I will say just follow the directions that Kris gives you. The Hardest part will be drilling out the shaft to accept your tang. Its a B@#*$ to keep straight...I recomend using a drill-press that can be turned horizontal. I've had great fun with mine and have destroyed a palm tree with my thrusts. The "Polish" that comes on the Kris blades is nothing special but that can be changed easilly enough. I started with 220 then moved done the scale 320, 400 right now and I have 600 and 1500 when I get to it. Nothing special about polishing just make sure you alway go in only one direction. And keep oil on the blade after you polish it. It is High Carbon steel in will rust even if you done choose to polish it. Good luck.