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20th December 2002, 06:53
I have a question for you all. Do any of you teach "Ninja Yogen". I know it means chemistry and so on. Within ninja yogen it has remedies, smoke bombs, blind powder, explosive and so on. Do any of you just teach the basic of yogen?

pete lohstroh
20th December 2002, 17:59
you are an idiot.

20th December 2002, 19:13
If you want to learn about chemistry, I'm sure your school has classes.

If you want to learn about explosives, I'm sure your further investigations be a great opportunity for the medical school interns at the local emergency room to learn some valuable lessons about amputating damaged fingers and treating third degree burns and severe eye injuries.

These are not appropriate questions for children to ask.

Patrick McKee
21st December 2002, 00:10
Originally posted by pete lohstroh
you are an idiot.

Now remember Pete, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people asking questions.

I just hope there is a limited supply of chemicals in Wetumpka, AL.:eek:

21st December 2002, 00:59
Did I say I want to make yogen? Did I?? No, I did not. I was only asking if any of you TEACH it or tell about it. Thats all.

21st December 2002, 01:54
Heh heh heh, good times... :laugh:

21st December 2002, 03:06
eddie no one would teach that because it would be dangerous those skills were needed in Fuedal Japan but in today's world we don't need them if the police found you with that stuff you would be arrested really the practicioner of the ninja arts/budo taijutsu should focus on other things.

21st December 2002, 13:51
Eddie you are so funny.

Hasnt anyone ever told you playing with matches is dangerous, let alone explosives.

Do yourparents know what you get up to. Maybe some one should give them a call and get your pc taken off you.

Such an immature child, run along and play with your Barbie

21st December 2002, 15:31
I do not do "Yogen". I've read about it. The only project I have only ever made was the remedies and filled a egg with baby powder. Thats it and no I do not play with yogen or fire.

21st December 2002, 16:28

21st December 2002, 17:09
Originally posted by eddie
I do not do "Yogen"

yet is the hidden word in this sentence. This is why you are asking. It is transparently obvious that you want to learn. You won't find anyone who will teach you here. I sincerely hope that you will not find anyone anywhere else who does. Rest assured that anyone who does so on any other site will find themselves reported to law enforcement authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, should you be so foolish as to continue this search elsewhere. Is that clear?
In fact, if you continue, it is likely that someone will drop a dime to your parents and inform them that their darling young boy is experimenting with homemade explosives, and looking for instruction.
That should be a pleasant surprise for them, and just in time for the holidays.
Come to think of it, this is the sort of thing that could get you and your parents questioned by the FBI these days. Won't that be fun?

I've read about it.

Which confirms that your interest is not theoretical or historical. If it were, then you would be satisfied with what you could find in a library. The fact is, you are looking for someone foolish enough to share explosive recipes with a child on the Internet.
As I have said, it is an unacceptable question, and will only get you and your family in trouble.

The only project I have only ever made was the remedies and filled a egg with baby powder

Which further confirms that your interest is in experimenting with these matters. Your story is transparent here, as are your motives.

Thats it and no I do not play with yogen or fire.

Good. That's how it's going to stay.
If there is reason to believe that you are continuing in this behavior, you will have good reason to expect that your parents and local authorities will be contacted, as you are behaving in an inappropriate manner that is a clear danger to yourself and others. Understand? Good.
Run along and play now.

21st December 2002, 17:13
Okay Kolschey, You are correct, I should not even bother with the subject so I will not. I do not want to learn about explosive(like what could I do with those??). Also the only actualy subject i am interested in is basic chemistry of the yogen such as the remedies. Like I said I will not mess with the subject no more. I understand you.

pete lohstroh
21st December 2002, 19:38
you are not even old enough to play with aspirin. Yogen, scroll reproductions, what next?

Do you realize that law enforcement officers, potential employers, potential inlaws, and/or people responsible for admissions to universities browse e-budo and may read your posts? Does this concern you at all?

It could even effect your future at Waffle House!

Cut the crap and take someone's advice! If there is any justice, this silliness will follow you like a ball and chain.

pete lohstroh
21st December 2002, 19:41
and Eddie,
here is a top secret remedy:
lay off of the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and service station corn dogs and try to get a little exercise.

21st December 2002, 19:41
Okay Pete, I will no longer ask questions here. I will ask questions but not "advancE" information questions. Happy? Good. Me to.

Marc Coppens
21st December 2002, 19:45
Dear Eddie,

The answer I gave on your genjutsu question can be aplied here too.

Don't burn your fingers. You know what you have to do.

Take care.

Marc Coppens - renshi
Genbukan Tenzan dojo - Belgium

21st December 2002, 23:34
I researched some of this topic recently. I was asked to investigate pyrotechnics for a local film company. One thing that is not discussed is the amount of reagents needed and money expenditure should you get the supplies the honorable way. I shun work with explosives, but did some work into how to make smoke or fire using chemicals. What I thought was alot, just turned out to make a little fissle. It is not as easy as people think it is. Like I said before I do not condone working with explosives, but Eddie if you are going to do something stupid, don't go by info from the internet, that and the anarchist cookbook everyone knows about are very dangerous. Many of those recipies will get you hurt. The author does not care if you get scared for life, arrested, or dead. Which is why I reworked my pyrotechnics job decision.

Neil Stewart

22nd December 2002, 23:22

Could this thread please be closed?

23rd December 2002, 01:22
Originally posted by Noodles

Could this thread please be closed?