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21st December 2002, 15:48
Do anyone know where I can buy the scrolls reproduced? Do you know a website. I am interested in the scrolls.

John Lindsey
21st December 2002, 17:18
All you really need is the bansenshukai, ninpiden, shoninki. You can either buy em from some folks, or view them online at ninpo.org. These are the only ninja writings that are in the public domain.

21st December 2002, 17:19
Thank You.

Marc Coppens
21st December 2002, 19:51

These scrolls are without imediate value for beginners and non-practitioners.
It's the sincere and hard training which is important.
Dedicate yourself honestly to one of the kans and start training.


Marc Coppens - renshi
Genbukan Tenzan dojo - Belgium

22nd December 2002, 18:56
wow i didn't know eddie could read ancient japanese not to mention know what all the figurative language that was used at the time refers too.

Daniel Lee
22nd December 2002, 21:45
Let's not forget that the 'big three' (shoninki, bansenshukai, ninpiden) were written for a warrior class audience - making it difficult to decipher for 'outsiders' to Fujibayashi's and others systems would be counter-productive. There are also plenty of modern Japanese readers for these works too. These books have been studied by martial artists as a small part of their overall education along with other side-line studies like tea ceremony, noh theatre, chinese literature etc for generations.

That being said, there are also many mistakes included in these books. :)

Benjamin Peters
22nd December 2002, 23:04

For your interest!

22nd December 2002, 23:10
I got that link. I am looking for the scrolls in english. They say there are several of the scrolls translated into the english version.

Benjamin Peters
22nd December 2002, 23:13

Maybe this can help a little?

22nd December 2002, 23:14
Been there.