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22nd December 2002, 06:50
Ive been in Martial Arts for a majority of my life, But, I am very interested in taking Ju Jutsu. My question is, I am 5'10" and 204 pounds solid. Would this be a good art for me to study? Pros and cons would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

22nd December 2002, 10:51
Not enough data.

What do you want to learn?
What kind of jujutsu?

And that's just for starters ...


22nd December 2002, 16:28
Im looking to continue on in Locks, Throws, Submissions, anything that might concentrate more in that area. What kind do I want to learn? Who knows, there are just as many types of JuJutsu as there is denominations at church it seems. :D It can be either Traditinal or Brazilian JuJutsu, it doesnt matter to me, honestly, I dont know the differences between the two, other than one teaches more ground as the other concentrates more on standing.

Anyway, Im in smalltown, Oklahoma so I really dont have a broad range to choose from. So, hope that somewhat helped, though Im sure it didnt. Thanks.

22nd December 2002, 16:35
Hello, Rudy.

I was just wondering what other arts you have taken throughout your life. I ask this, because there can be stark philosophical differences between certain martial disciplines. What I mean is, if you have been practicing a harder, more linear style of the arts that has high emphasis on meeting an attack head on, you may have a little bit of a tougher transition because different arts have different views when it concerns proper course of action.

I believe that thinking inhibits nature, and if you have to think about whether you want to react with a Karate technique, or a Jujutsu technique or a Wushu technique, chances are you will have already been beaten to the punch, so to speak.

I do however agree with Chuck. Is it possible you can give us a particular style???


If enough people take interest in this post/thread, I'll be happy to start an entirely new thread to see what the rest of you guys think about incorporating different philosophies into one coherent way of thinking.

22nd December 2002, 18:24
Man, you guys are really making me work for this! :D Ive studied Muay Thai, Grappling, and Wrestling, all in the area of 18 years (not 18 for each one). Ive taken a little of Capoeira, and Ty-Pa JuJutsu, though the instructor called it Jiu Jitsu, and turned out to be a fraud. Im just looking for a good school that focuses more on Locks, Throws, Submissions, Chokes, etc...I was told JuJutsu would be right in there, with what I am looking for. If you guys have any thoughts, recommendations, etc, as in different Martial Arts that might cover what I am looking for, whether its Aikido, JuJutsu, Shootfighting, whatever, please let me know. I do appreciate your replies, and getting my gears turning.

22nd December 2002, 18:54
By the way, Im looking for Self Defense techniques, not Sport, and no competitions....maybe that will help??

23rd December 2002, 08:14
You are trying awfully hard not to write "judo."

But obviously, you want the style to suit you and not the other way around. This is going to make it very difficult to find what you want instead of wanting what you find.

Good luck in your search.


23rd December 2002, 15:54
Im not trying to find something to 'suit' me, Im trying to find something that covers these areas for the majority, not specifically concentrates on these areas alone without other training <---- does that even make sense? I know there is an Art that teaches this, Im just trying to find out if JuJutsu, whether Traditional, or Brazilian would be in that general area. If I wanted tons of kicks and punches I would take TKD, If I wanted to be a wrestler, I would take wrestling, I want mainly locks, throws, chokes, etc.....Im not saying that other arts have thier fair share, but Im looking for a art that teaches heavily in this area. Thanks for the reply.

23rd December 2002, 19:29
looking to continue on in Locks, Throws, Submissions, anything that might ...

onidaga, were making it too complicated. Traditional jujitsu will fit you well if you want self defence> brazilian jujitsu will fit you better if you want some kind of safety (there is always only one attacker, if i'm right)> but in self defence one have to expect the worst (I mean multiple attackers to say the least), you have to search for a good source who can teach you the true art, having some kind of credibility, as you seem to know something on frauds :P.
Your information about your size and weight has nothing to do with technique unless it hinders you from good 'reaction timing' as jujitsu depends on the uke's force and your timing. To my account there were jujitsukas (65kg something)who gave a hard time to people almost your size, and obviously saving the day.


p.s: my knowledge on brazilian jujitsu is very limited and invite everyone who can share his knowledge on this subject, thanks.

23rd December 2002, 20:23
Originally posted by Onidaga
By the way, Im looking for Self Defense techniques, not Sport, and no competitions....maybe that will help??

Then you want jujutsu. Judo is primarily for sport these days. Most of the self defense techniques from what I've seen has been removed with the exception of the schools that are attempting to put back some of that aspect back into it.

That jiujitsu that you took is just that, not jujutsu. This spelling is primarily reserved and used by the koryu styles (classical) and those gendai (modern styles) that retain the koryu basic practice with additions or modifications for modern day application.

I'll look up some threads to refer you to when I get a free moment tonight. In the meantime, you can take a look at these links:





to get an idea of what is out there and you can learn something from them. The first link is to the system that I study and the second link is to the koryu system Sosuishitsu Ryu, that it is based on and I will be studying when I get to 3rd Brown belt in Fuji Ryu. Our founder studied it and our Shihan (Headmaster) studies and teaches it.

My suggestion is to go for jujutsu, I've done Tae Kwon Do while I was in Korea back in '84, I've taken Shotokan and Kempo as well. Jujutsu has exactly what I was looking for. Self defense for single and multiple attackers, weapons defense techniques, etc.

Good luck.


23rd December 2002, 23:10
I really appreciate the help, thanks, take care, talk to ya'all later.:D

Barry Southam
30th December 2002, 20:03

Judo is a very effective means of selfdefense..There are those who study Judo for competition and those who study Judo as a martial art or both...Total Judo contains: Ukemi, Nage waza,(Throwing Tech.) Osaekomi Waza( holding techniques) Kansetsu Waza (Joint locking tech.and not just on elbow), Shime Waza(Choking Tech.) Atemi Waza( Striking Tech.) and Kata.. We all in Judo learn the techniques but it's our interests in how it's combined and applied that may be different: Sport application vs Seldefense application...
I think even in the Sosuishiryu Jujutsu curriclum that the Gokyo no Waza( 40 throws) are included.. Japanese mainland and Okinawan police train in Judo along with other arts.. Our WWll military trained in Judo and the Airforce(SAC) even sent personel to the Kodokan to train.. So, even though many participate in sport Judo and that it's an Olympic sport...There are still those of us who study the art of Judo for selfdefesne...
Good Luck..

Maybe you would like Danzanryu Jujutsu..

Take Care

Barry E. Southam

30th December 2002, 20:20
Where in Oklahoma are you? Perhaps I can help.

Peace & blessings,

30th December 2002, 21:46
I am close to Tulsa in Oklahoma. I was going to a "jiu-jitsu" school, but the teacher turned out to be a fraud.....very fun.:rolleyes:

Joel Simmons
5th January 2003, 12:38

Locks, chokes and throws? You want Judo. It may be sport oriented, but just turn it up a notch...and voila...you get self-defense.

Judo is probably more accessible for you, and you probably have a wider range of choice in terms of dojo. You've already discovered that many people are willing to take advantage of the fact that "jiu jitsu" is what people want nowadays. My guess is you don't want to deal with that again.

R Erman
5th January 2003, 14:18
The school you trained at wouldn't have been The Warrior Way, would it?

5th January 2003, 14:23
Hi Onidaga...
I would agree that Judo does sound ideal for you. However you should take time in choosing where to start as many Judo dojo focus strongly on the sporting aspects and may disappoint you. Talk to the Sensei and get an idea of where they are coming from as regards their classes. And at least with Judo you know where you stand (Or can easily find out) many 'Jiu-Jitsu' (Ju-Jitsu, Ju-Jutsu etc..) schools are harder to trace and since you have already be there and done that you should not try it again...Failing that you could also try either Aikido or Ninpo perhaps...Have a look here; www.genbukan.com (Or the Bujinkan of course... www.winjutsu.com )and see if it comes close to what you want...There should be Dojo near you that offer either...Especially in a major city.