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23rd December 2002, 14:09

I definitely understand how some of you feel about Eddie. However I must ask that you either ignore his posts, or that you answer appropriately. Insults and making fun of E-Budo members (whether you like them or respect them or not) is not appropriate.

On the flip side to Eddie:

Several of us attempted to answer you seriously in the past and/or to speak to you in a reasonable manner offering what seems to be much needed advice. You chose to ignore most of it and continue in a cocky know it all manner. This is what you left as your calling card to E-Budo. You have repeatedly put up BS information on the web based on things you have read on the web or from people that are far from being reputable. You have attempted several times on these sites to make yourself out to be some sort of 'wise' and knowledgable practitioner. With these facts prevelant you are not likely to get what you are seeking here.

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