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Dale Seago
24th December 2002, 05:44
It's official, confirmed today by Hatsumi sensei's class administrator George Ohashi:

Y2003 will see the last Bujinkan Tai Kai outside Japan.

As of 2004, there will instead be two annual Tai Kai in Japan: one in May, and another (per Ohashi-san) in December, presumably the annual Daikomyosai training so many of us are familiar with already and centered around Soke's December 2 birthday.

24th December 2002, 17:56
Dale, what do you think motivated this? Is Sensei not wanting to travel so much anymore, or will the TaiKai be limited to Godan+? What are your thoughts on it, if any?

24th December 2002, 18:26
Looks like the talk about Sensei stepping back & letting the Shihan step up in their respective countries is coming to pass. I guess going to Japan from now on to train with Sensei will be even more important for our Leadership...

Or maybe Sensei is opening a Bujinkan Hotel in Noda... :idea:

Dani Koryu
27th December 2002, 10:29
Are you sure that this is official, Dale?
Not only a rumour?
As we say here in Spain "If I don't see it I don't believe it"
Since my first Tai Kai in Spain in 1990, EVERY year I have to listen the same story... the next will be the last tai kai...

Anyway, maybe this time is real but I don't mind.
In this moments the Tai Kai prices are too expensive and if the tai kai is not in your country, with the cost of 2 tai kai you can go 10 days to Japan.

Happy New Year for all the Buyu !!

Dani Esteban "koryu"

Bufu Ikkan

27th December 2002, 16:01
Hey, if George Ohashi actually posted it on his webpage, then chances are it's direct from Soke's mouth verbatum. That's just how George is.
Good, I rather go to Japan anyway & get some decent Okonomiyaki... yeah baby!!!

27th December 2002, 17:42
Hey, if George Ohashi actually posted it on his webpage, then chances are it's direct from Soke's mouth verbatum

Actually George have not put it on his site, at least not yet.
According to what he put up on the site Soke have told him not to put anything on the internet until he makes an official announcement.

Then again Soke can always change his mind...for what i heard he's been know to do so.

We'll wait and see what happens.

Edwin J. Sostre

Dale Seago
1st January 2003, 02:08
So far, there's nothing more to be said until some sort of official announcement is made.

Re-reading my earlier post, it looks as though I'm implying that George Ohashi confirmed the information (which appeared on two or three sites before I saw it myself) personally to me. That was not at all the case, and I improperly cited him as a source.

Official information, when it is available, will presumably be posted at his own site, at http://www001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/bujinkan/

13th January 2003, 07:41
Until this is either officially announced or denied I think it would be best if it were put to bed so to speak.