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30th December 2002, 03:51
How do you see your training in Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu affecting your modern life?

Chris Schimdt
30th December 2002, 15:58
My brain is starting to work harder lately.

31st December 2002, 16:21
I feel a general increase in the awareness of space and the relationship of my body with others, even when we're just moving around in day-to-day business, not just 'on the mat'.

In my car as well I feel a change. Everyone's emotions and sensitivities are hightened a great deal on the highway. While we consciously relax and listen to the radio or whatever, our bodies are well aware of the relative insanity of hurtling along at 60+ mph in a giant carton of steel surrounded by others doing the same.

I still make dumb mistakes, but over all I drive more like an old lady now on her way to church, and leave the 'high performance' weaving, speeding, braking, swearing and tailgating to others!

Also my training has affected how I view tense situations and potential troublemakers. I don't get flustered as easily, and yet no longer feel any real shame in averting 'situations' entirely and letting others have the last word.

There's lot's of other ways that my training is affecting my life. Over all I feel like I'm getting my money and time's worth!

2nd January 2003, 11:13
The one thing that I've become aware of through training is just how completely unaware of their surroundings everybody else seems to be!

I don't get annoyed by many things, but the one thing that does get under my skin a little is when you're walking through a crowded street and people just stop in front of you, or suddenly change direction without looking. The one thing I notice myself doing more is looking around and being aware of where people are. It's a shame nobody else does - I constantly find myself having to be aware for EVERYBODY, which is hard work!!!

I don't drive at the moment, and if people are as generally unaware of their surroundings when in their "giant cartons of steel" then I don't ever want to drive!

3rd January 2003, 05:26
Wow, where do I begin.

I've only been training in Taijutsu for about 3 years now, so I'm still "leaving the womb", but the changes that have occured in my life rival a religous experience ;) . Aside from the increased awareness that has been discussed I have gained a lot more physical astuteness. For example, my first Shidoshi, Max Kalkstein, described Taijutsu perfectly. He said that some arts focus on making our bodies move like monkies, some tigers, but Taijutsu is Human style. We learn how to fully maximize our own human capability by not doing anything that isn't fully natural. Tae Kwon Do, for example, has a lot of jump spinning kicks, and while these techiques are pretty, they are certainly not natural (I have 2 black belts in tae kwon do, so I've done my fair share of jump spin kicking :D ).

For example, I've lived the passed few years in New York City, so while I'm standing unaided with my legs in an in a light ichimonji, all the other passengers are being thrown around the train. I've had some people actually comment to me about my ability to stand on the subway without holding on to anything. :p

Much more common changes have occured as well. I relearned how to walk and swim from Jack Hoban. I breathe differently. Basically, I am a different person now, mental, physically, and spiritually.

For me, after only 3 years, I cannot imagine life without ninpo... I would like myself a crap load less than I do now.