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30th December 2002, 21:58
Hello...Not sure if I should post this here or somewhere else. I take Isshinryu Karate. I have been at it for about four months now. Recently we had a brown belt test to become a black belt. Before he tested he would lead some of the class in fighting techniques. As a white bel I have only learned 1 through 3. There are 12 total and I will learn the rest when I have earned other belts. Well in this group that was going through techniques there were white, yellow, and blue belts (some with green stripes). (sorry I am not too clear on how the belts go, I get confused and have no way to double checkright now. Please correct me if you know I am wrong!) Anyways. The blue belts know 1-12 and the yellow know 1-6 and the white belts know 1-3. When we practice we will do one technique about 10-20 times and then go to the next one. When you get to the point that you don't know the next one you start all over. So when they get to technique #4 I just go back to #1. Well when the brown belt would lead us he would tell us white belts that we should just try to do the techniques that we do not know. I know that our sensei does not want us doing this but I am not sure if the brown belt knows this. What do I do? I feel akward trying to do techniques that I do not know especially when I know that my sensei doesn't want us to do them. Please let me know what you think...
Amanda Aasved

30th December 2002, 22:22
Well, this senior is telling you to do the techniques. At that time, you should try to do them, the universe will not crumble to pieces if you attempt a kick or punch you don't know well or fully.

It is between the senior and your instructor as to whether or not this senior is being a dunder head or not.

Senior students and instructors are responsible for the flow of the class, let the mistake lie on his or her head. You are just a "white belt" and were doing as a senior instructed. One can use one's inexperience to one's advantage. ;-)

In the beginning it is easy to become very concerned about these kinds of things. Some things you should be very concerned about, but this is not one of them, in my opinion. Just do your best, take it as a personal challenge at the moment. The exception would be if the techniques themselves might lead to injury. A spin kick executed improperly can permanently injure your joints, so if this is the case, do what you can, skip the dangerous techniques. If the senior asks you why you are not trying, say that you will injure yourself without proper instruction.

Now, if the senior student berates you for this, this is something you should be concerned about! Not that you have made him or her mad, but that he or she is, in fact, a dunder head. If the instructor does not back you on this account, then you should take this as a firm indication that this dojo is not a stable learning environment. It is one thing to expect advanced students to make leaps in technique upon occasion, but it is ludicrous to expect a novice to do this, period.

The big thing is, trust your guts, that is what martial arts is all about in the end. Learning to discern the truly threatening from the everday schlock that people present to us. This is what will keep you alive and happy in this world. Martial arts is one of the places to learn this skill.

I hope this helps.

30th December 2002, 22:37
Thanks...That really helped...
Amanda Aasved

31st December 2002, 05:56
This is off the topic, but what are the fighting techniques? Are these in the Isshinryu curriculum or just for your school? I study Isshinryu also and we do Charts 1&2.

Anyway, when I lead the class in the basics, the white belts follow along if they haven't learned them yet. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. But when someone personally teaches them the basic afterwards, they already have an idea of that is being taught. It's easier for them to perfect it. As for kata, they don't follow along because it's too involved. It's broken down into parts and each move is explained.

I doubt this helps because Mr. Manry gave a beautiful explanation. I just wanted to know what the fighting techniques are.

31st December 2002, 17:43

I also agree with what Mr. Manry said, however in addition,
I would also have a private talk with the Head Sensei of the school
to make sure that the Sempai in question is teaching the curriculum
the way the Sensei wants him to. There have been times when I've
run into Sempai teaching stuff contrary to the Sensei's knowledge.
A school owner needs to be aware of what is going on in his school
to maintain safety and harmony. If I were the owner and found
out that I was losing students because of one individual, I'd
want to know. You may not be the only one that feels the way
you do. Novice teachers are known to give too much instruction at times.

Also, are any of these drills, two man drills? A beginner doing
advanced techniques can hurt someone. I'm not an Isshin-ryu player
so I don't know what you are doing, but I have been hurt by over
enthusiastic beginners including one that almost ruined my knee
for life.

Just my .02 cents...

Goju Man
31st December 2002, 19:25
Glenn, an excellent post. I agree. I have run the class back when I was the sempai, and allthough some techniques may have been advanced, I tried to work with the lower belts. Remember, you may not need it for "your" rank, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it or that it is taboo for you to attempt. If you can't do it, you should just stay with what you can do. In an open class with many belt levels, everyone needs to work.

31st December 2002, 22:43
The fighting techniques that we do are like three or four(varied) moves put togethor that we use to practice with. I have no idea if they are done with all of isshynryu or just the strain that I do. I do charts like you do but we also run through these techniques. The first one we do is a straight kick, roundhouse kick block with the left arm then punch high and then low. Sound familiar??? I know that my senseis sensei made up a kate for white belts because she felt that the yellow belts had a hard time learning their kata because they weren't used to the akward movements. Maybe she made these up for practice too! who knows. I will have to investigate! :)

Also these techniques that we are running through are not practiced on eachother. We just beat up the air!! LOL

Amanda Aasved

2nd January 2003, 04:20
Originally posted by Aenea
The fighting techniques that we do are like three or four(varied) moves put togethor that we use to practice with. The first one we do is a straight kick, roundhouse kick block with the left arm then punch high and then low. Sound familiar???

No, the technique you mentioned isn't a formal Isshinryu technique, but is a good one. I guess these are some techniques your sensei made up for sparring combinations.

Originally posted by Aenea
I know that my senseis sensei made up a kate for white belts because she felt that the yellow belts had a hard time learning their kata because they weren't used to the akward movements.

We teach the Pinan kata to the white belts. We teach it because of the same reason your Sensei does.

Aenea, how far is Alameda to Sacramento? There is a tournament next March run by the Joslin Brothers. They are Isshinryu instructors under Willie Adams. They're great guys and run an excellent tournament. I've been there the last 2 years and it was great!

2nd January 2003, 17:14
On a good day I can drive to Alameda from Sacramento
in about an hour. It's not really commute-able but some do.
I've been to the Joslin dojo. They seem like decent people.
Do you have any info on this tournament? Is it on thier
web site. Is it Isshin-ryu only? You can PM me if you wish.

Thanks in advance.

2nd January 2003, 22:19
Yeah Alameda isn't too far from Sac. When is this all going to happen? I would love to go check it out. Pm me if you have an information on it
Amanda Aasved

9th January 2003, 06:45
Sorry for not replying sooner, but here is the link for the tournament for anyone interested. I'm most likely not going to attend this year because I just started a new job. But am going to be in San Jose in July for my cousin's wedding if anyone is intersted in meeting up for a few beverages.

Tournament Link (http://www.neworleanskarate.net/2003_Tourneys.htm)

10th January 2003, 02:55
Hey Amanda, guys and gals;
I remember just a few months ago when I was still trying to achieve Nana Kyu, I study Koei-Kan and have earned brownblack in TKD. Personally I would have to tell ya to use your own judement on wether or not the maneuver is too specific. Without the proper instruction you'll re-enforce the wrong execution of the technique. Later on I realized the true severity of this because I never sparred @ the TKD studio and having learned the proper form after incorrectly re-enforcing the technique; well lets just say that in a battle, sparring situation or whatever... when your reflexes take over you just may revert back to the inccorect form since that's what was embedded into your conscienceness @ the time.. So yea, my own experience... (have you had any other training?) It's best to rely on your own judgement before leaping into something for someone else..