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31st December 2002, 03:27
Hi, was wondering whether anyone could give me some tips on some good jujutsu books on the Kano jujutsu system. Just for interest and to give me a better idea on techniques used. And any other books on jujutsu that show some techniques of the art jujutsu would be good. Thanks
Mel Woodward

31st December 2002, 14:06
Kano jujutsu system

Uh...Kano wha?

Jon Gillespie

Budoka 34
31st December 2002, 15:24
Look on www.amazon.com

search: Kano judo(Jujitsu)

Paperback starts at around $12 usd.
If you want the hardback original they start at about $150 usd.

Hope this helps.


Neil Hawkins
2nd January 2003, 01:54
With the usual disclaimers about learning from books being a waste of time etc...

General History and application:
Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide to Koryu Jujutsu
by Serge Mol

The Father of Judo: A Biography of Jigoro Kano
by Brian N. Watson, Yukimitsu Kano

Complete Kano Jiu jitsu
by H. Irving Hancock & Katsukuma Higashi

Judo (Jujutsu)
by Jigoro Kano

Those are the only ones I can recommend, there are hundreds of books out there but I very rarely even look at technique books and only buy historical or philosophical books that are recommended to me.

If you have a specific book in mind post it here and someone may have read it, also as you are looking at the Kano system try up in the Judo forum because it is more closely associated with sport judo than classical jujutsu in some circles.



2nd January 2003, 02:18
Hi, thanks for your help everyone with the books.

Joseph Svinth
2nd January 2003, 03:33
For recommended readings on a bunch of topics, try http://ejmas.com/kronos/#Online%20Resources

For bibliographic guidance concerning judo books, try specifically

* http://www.bestjudo.com
* http://www.bstkd.com (yes, it's a taekwondo site, but the judo book reviews are excellent)