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2nd January 2003, 06:39
A serious hopefully Budo-related question:

I know of your research into Xie Zhong Xiang/Ryuruko. What of the Xie Zhong Xiang/Ryuruko to Master Huang Sheng-Shyan lineage connection .. do you know much about this. While I can neither confirm it fully it is claimed by some of this lineage that the form Ba Bu Lien Er Lu is the original form that gave rise to Goju Ryu's Tensho. What are your thoughts on this?

With respect

Patrick McCarthy
16th January 2003, 22:28

You’ll have to forgive me overlooking your query. I’ve just found it today.

Kiwi Taiji authority, Pat Kelly, says that Huang Sheng-Shyan (1910-1992) learned Crane boxing under Xie Zhong Xiang (1852-1930) from age 14. Judging by his DOB that’d make it c. 1924 when Xie was in his early seventies. I understand that he later spent a couple of years under one of Xie’s senior disciples named Ch’en Shih Ting. One of his students named Wee Kee-Jin lives over in Auckland. More here if you’re interested http://www.taijiquan.co.nz/whitecrane.htm Perhaps even Dennis Kah Swee Ngo over on www.kungfu-taichi.com might also be of some help?

It is true that Tensho shares corresponding similarities with Happoren, as it should. After all, they’re both cultivating the same thing. However, it is Ryushan where Miyagi got the idea for the flowing hands seen in Tensho (rotating palms). One look at Ryushan and it becomes obvious. I suppose the reason goju researchers don’t know this is because they have not stumbled on Ryushan yet……it is a relatively unknown kata.

16th January 2003, 23:17

Thank you for your reply and the information.

I found the information very interesting.

Yes I am aware of Sifu Wee Kee Jin and his connection to Crane-Fist teachings.

Of some interest is the claim made by the Italian Huang Sheng-Shyan followers that Ba Bu Lien Sam Lu is the forerunner of Tensho. Not sure on what basis they make this claim other than the fact that the form closely resembles Paipuren.

The information and connection between Ryushan and Tensho sounds fascinating. Can you tell me more about Ryushan?

Thanks again for your reply.